Volunteer Spotlight

Cancer Center Advisory Board Members Explain What Volunteering Means to Them

(From left to right) In their red volunteer aprons, UVA Cancer Center Advisory Board Members Ginny Semmes, Wendy Seay, and Martha Weiss.
(Photo: Coe Sweet)

“When I joined the advisory board, I became aware that several other board members were long-time volunteers in the Infusion Center. I thought it would be a good way to better appreciate the experience of the people we ultimately serve. Being a retired nurse, I also missed being in a medical setting and interacting with patients and families. As a volunteer, I circulate through three floors of waiting rooms with a beverage cart. What has been particularly striking to me is the sincere gratitude expressed by patients and their families for both the simple comfort measures I provide and for the care they receive from the physicians and nurses. I realized as people ‘stack appointments,’ they often spend many hours in the center and it is an opportunity for them to receive other support services to ease the stress of a cancer diagnosis.”    - Wendy Seay

"Volunteering at the Infusion Center has been an extremely meaningful experience. Having the ability to offer sustenance, comfort, and sometimes, solace, is a way of giving back to patients who are so grateful for all of the many small services that the volunteers provide.”    - Ginny Semmes

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